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Detox Cleanse drink

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WOW! it has been some time since i have last posted! I’ve just been so crazy busy that i don’t know where the last few months have gone!

I’ve still been training mean & Eating Clean, and still trying my best to balance being a working mom.

I just wanted to share my newest treat – a tasty detoxing/cleansing drink!!! Lately, i’ve been doing some research on cleansing and detoxing and have found that it can be very beneficial to occasionally cleanse or detox the body. below is one of the drinks i have replaced my breakfast with! After doing so, i feel great!!

it’s kind of a 2 step process, first thing when i wake up I have warm (or hot) water with lemon & ginger. This helps to clean the toxins out of your system, and i find it kind of presses the “reset” button on your body each morning.

The next thing i have is a Detoxing Smoothie for my breakfast

it consists of:

1 cup of purified water – this is important as purified water reduces the toxins you’re taking in

1tbsp flax seed

1 cup raspberries – or any frozen berry

1/4 cup spinach or kale – i sometimes add both **this gives TONS of energy

1 tbsp almond butter for protein

splash of lemon


I find this drink is refeshing, gives a great energy boost and is full of ingredients that are cleansing and detoxing to the system.

give it a try!!!


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